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I’m always looking for fun new tools to engage my clients. As I was on Facebook one day, this interesting looking contraption came across my screen.  After viewing the videos and the research, it was time!

My wellness center has just the perfect place to install.

Knowing how much my clients like new “toys”, I was certain there would be excitement that was first met with reluctance.

And boy, was I right!

After the first picture of a client inverted on the Yoga Trapeze the comments started rolling in.

It fascinates me how people who have no intention of ever trying something get sucked into doing it!

How could you not try something that looked so intriguing?

Client after client sat in the trapeze, swung back and forth like a little kid, then hung upside down allowing all their fears to melt away.

Of course, there is some science to all of this but the fun factor is too cool not to share.

Inversion therapy:

  • gives you nicer skin by improving circulation
  • develops better posture
  • decreases back pain
  • improves brain function
  • turns that frown upside down!

My spine feels much better

Inversion is difficult for me but the Yoga Trapeze makes inversions possible. My spine feels much better, too.

Serenity S.

The Yoga Trapeze strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally, allowing your spine to breathe and heal.

The Yoga Trapeze works in 3 main ways:


The Yoga Trapeze creates natural, body weight traction - the safest and most effective kind.

Back & Core Strengthening

For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training.


Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out. This is the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless).

Love the traction!

Love the traction! I've wanted an inversion table or the like for*ever*, but they are bulky and expensive. This is packable and easy to put up. The inversions are calming as well as relieving of the compression in my neck and back. I've been working on backbends and on chest openers, as well.


I love hanging around at SHINE Health & Wellness! #yoga #fitness #MariettaGA #RoswellGA

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