Susan Guda

Certified Health Coach

​Susan became a health coach after utilizing Take Shape for Life as a catalyst for true transformation. She lost 87 pounds with the help of her health coach after decades of yo-yo dieting. Though she has had a lifelong passion for physical fitness which includes weight training and long distance running, Susan was unable to meet physical demands with the excess weight that she was carrying.

She has had many experiences on her journey to health and wholeness that directly affect her empathy for others who struggle with addictive tendencies and emotional eating. She understands and coaches her clients with the intent of getting into the root causes of unhealthy habits to encourage true transformation.

Susan has a passion for helping others to stay focused on their health goals from a positive mindset, and teaching clients to look at all aspects of healthy living in a constructive manner that springs from encouraging self-talk and paying close attention to non-scale victories throughout the process of shedding extra unhealthy weight. Her desire is to help people live the highest quality of life possible for them.

What People Are Saying About Susan...


lost 60 lbs. over the last year with Susan's assistance

I had lost 60 lbs. over the last year with Susan's assistance and guidance on the TSFL plan. After leaving the program in November, I started gaining weight back. At +11 lbs, after talking with Susan, I decided to go back on plan to lose the 11 pounds and try for another 10.

She encouraged me to do the 4+2 plan because of my health issues. It was the right choice. I am losing more slowly, but still losing. Down 4.5 lbs.

She is great at encouraging you when you need it; checks on you to be sure things are going well. If you have a question she can't answer, she seeks out the answer, and doesn't leave you to flounder on your own.

Jean Jaynes

you need a Susan in your life!

Susan helped me in developing proper eating habits and tackling my unhealthy relationship with food.

She helped me root out the cause of my relationship with food, focus on my spiritual journey for long term success and helped me celebrate all victories that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Susan is a huge support for situations that would typically make you go off track. She is very patient and provides realistic advice for all scenarios.

I would say you need a Susan in your life! She's amazing and I couldn't have achieved all of my goals without her support. I'm excited to continue on this journey with her guidance in order to reach optimal health in the very near future!

Leslie Graham

I was fed up with living an unhealthy lifestyle

I sought out Susan's help once I was fed up with living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Susan taught me more about understanding macro and micro nutrients.

Susan is a great health coach who understands what you're going through because she's been through it. You can literally trust her with your life.

Altavese Dilworth

I would recommend my health coach, Susan!

I had been gaining unwanted weight and nothing I tried was helping me lose the pounds and I know a few people who have tried the program and had great results. I wanted to lose weight while also changing my lifestyle habits to incorporate healthy eating.

Susan made sure to always stay in contact with me whether it was by text, email or phone calls and she made herself available to answer any question/concern I had. She also gave wonderful reading recommendations to help make the journey about more than just weight loss, but becoming happy in your own skin and controlling your stress in ways other than emotional eating.

If you are looking to lose weight, you should look into Take Shape for Life. If you want more than just to lose weight, I would recommend my health coach, Susan! She will take you past the "diet" and help guide you to a healthier life that will bring out the best version of yourself inside and out! She makes it less about weight loss and more about gaining optimal health to feel amazing while on your weight loss journey rather than unsatisfied and stressed.

Sarah Shaw


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