Nicole DeWard

Wellness Director, Certified Health Coach, and Personal Trainer

Nicole deeply loves life. She is not only the owner of SHINE, but a personal health coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

A mom of four kids, Nicole made a commitment to healthy living and decided she wanted to help others do the same. She passionately loves people and values personal relationships.

What brings her joy? Seeing her clients discover who they are and go after what they want. Nicole is grateful to have found the perfect balance of faith, family, and a passion to get America healthy. Through unconditional love, she has gained the confidence she needs to shine her light in the world, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help others shine, too!

What SHINE Clients Are Saying About Nicole...


Nicole helped me move the scale again by believing that I could.

I switched gyms at a point in which my life-altering weight loss began to creep back on. I was offered a free trial month of group training as an incentive to join the new gym and Nicole was the Trainer.

Nicole helped me move the scale again by believing that I could. She introduced me to an entire new world of strength training that brought new benefits to my previous cardio-only based workouts.

Just drink the Koolaid....

Francie Hill

Nicole has changed the course of my physical health

It was time for me to begin adding exercise into my health journey and I had been so impressed with the weight-loss piece of the SHINE program. I knew that Nicole was the one who would be able to help me with my unique challenges.

She created a program specific to my needs and I am thrilled with the results!

Nicole has changed the course of my physical health. I have never felt stronger, I look forward to my workouts at SHINE and I value Nicole greatly!

Kristen Mallory

Better Shape At 62 Than I Was At 42!

SHINE is truly a reflection of Nicole's heart and soul. She offers her clients the total package for health and wellness. I have been a client of Nicole's for over 3 years and I know if it were not for her coaching and guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today . Never thought I would be in better shape at almost 62 than I was at 42! Love my Guns!

Marsha Hildebrand

I Was Looking For Overall Health

I have been working with Nicole DeWard at SHINE for nearly a year now. In addition to personal fitness, we spend a lot of time on nutrition and overall health. Nicole sets a very high standard and runs a great facility. If you are truly looking for great overall health, this is the place to go.

Bill Sullivan

I'm a yo yo dieter

I came to Nicole because I needed to lose weight desperately. I'm a yo yo dieter. This time I'm going to lose it and keep it off.

Nicole is fantastic. She is always there for me and really cares about people. She wants people to succeed and just be healthy. She instantly becomes your mentor and friend.

I would recommend Nicole to everyone. She is the "real deal" and I wish I met her years ago to start my journey! Anyone that meets her instantly connects with her because she is so nurturing and caring. If you are in a rut look no more. Call Nicole and she will help you reach for the stars!!!

Marnie R Danson

Nicole Is Not Like Anyone Else I Know In The Health & Wellness Industry!

I wanted to focus on my general well-being with nutrition, exercise, and community.

Nicole helped me to lose and maintain weight. She offered practical solutions for my specific needs. She has taught me a comprehensive view on well-being that includes mindfulness, spirit, nutrition, strength, balance, interval training, flexibility, stretching, detoxification and therapeutic massage. Nicole challenges me and keeps my mind open to the possibilities.

Go now - see for yourself - Nicole is not like anyone else I know in the health & wellness industry!

Molly Purdy

I feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic than I have in many years.

After four years of not exercising, feeling increasingly tired, and eating and unhealthy food, I knew I needed to change. I also knew that I lacked the motivation to make changes without an accountability partner.

Nicole helped me make a plan for exercise and healthy eating, but she has actually given me much more than that. She is a consistent source of support and inspiration. She is a coach, encourager, partner, and teacher. I really appreciate that she is willing to challenge me .

I have had a very positive experience with Nicole. You will never regret investing in your health. I feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic than I have in many years.

Rene Stoll

Nicole has a unique way of looking at the body

What started as a knee issue turned into a full-on health evaluation as Nicole convinced me that at 49, I should take a different look towards my body and my overall health habits. As a guy who never was a "health coach" person, Nicole has pushed me into a space that while awkward at first has turned into a big fan and advocate.

I currently am in the midst of a wellness plan and have already seen great results. While challenging, given a heavy workload and frequent travel, I am committed to following Nicole's plan as I want to see how healthy I can become.

Nicole has a unique way of looking at the body -- a whole-body approach to diet, strength training, exercise, and more. She's a positive push to anyone who wants to live longer and healthier.

Rick Fossum

It was time to make a drastic change in my health

It was time to make a drastic change in my health, particularly my weight.

Nicole helped me — and continues to help me — address the effect of my emotions on my health. She provides solid advice, compassion, encouragement and effective tools.

Nicole is knowledgeable, patient, firm, kind and non-judgmental She cares about the health of her clients, no matter where they are on that path or what road they take to achieve their goals. I can think of no one better to walk alongside me on this journey.

Melody Wilson


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