Kristen Mallory

Certified Health Coach and Transformational Specialist

A year ago I was struggling. I lost my father and dealt with my emotions as I had all my life - I fed them. This caused my MS symptoms to flare. I struggled with fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, joint pain, migraine headaches, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes. I was slowly killing myself with food.

I went on a retreat where I heard my health coach speak and she said exactly what I needed to hear. I began my journey back to optimal health on April 13, 2015.

Within 1 week I felt good. Within 3 weeks I was no longer sleeping 12 hours a day. Within 3 months I was off 3 of my 11 medications. I lost 87 pounds! I am off 9 of 11 prescription medications and my MS is in complete remission!

I will be getting my health coaching certification from Villanova School of Nursing, COPE Center for Obesity Prevention and Education and becoming a diabetes educator. This will  enable me to pursue my dream of helping others achieve optimal health.

With the help of the amazing people at SHINE I have become successful and continue to thrive. My passion as a health coach is to be a light for others who are as debilitated as I was and to help them break the chains of illness and live a life of optimal health.

Optimal health is truly possible with this program. I am living proof.

What People Are Saying About Kristen...


Kristen Will Get You On The Right Path

Learning to eat the right foods and fueling my body with the right foods and learning different ways to excerize and workout.

Kristen will get you on the right path to getting your life and your health back. She will help you and give you the support you need to reach your goals on where you want to be with your health.

I have watched Kristen for the past year and a half grow into the person she had been wanting for years and has helped a lot of people who struggled with their health! She is dedicated and committed on helping people achieve their goals and becoming healthy.

Joe Mallory

Kristen Is The Real Deal

I believe our body is our temple. Life is a journey of balance, mind, body, and spirit.

Kristen is the real deal. She is authentic and sincere in her mission to pay it forward!

Kristen, you are an inspiration. I am blessed to know you.

Kim Woolson

I Want To Wear A Bikini One More Time

Well, I want to wear a bikini one more time.....but mostly, I want to be healthy.

Kristen is not pushy and does not make you feel bad if you mess up. All you have to do is look at what she has done for herself and know that she wants to help everyone else do the same thing for themselves. She is literally filled with love and desire to help others live a better life.

I can do this and I will!

Andria Dinzole


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