Joy Henson

Certified Health Coach and Connectivity Specialist

I am a Health Coach certified through the Villanova School of Nursing, COPE Center for Obesity Prevention and Education.

I specialize in Nutrition, Weight loss, and Weight Management.

I have a passion for helping people to reverse and prevent diseases through proper nutrition and education - to help people thrive, not just survive. Through a proven, comprehensive program we can transform people's health and lives and give them hope for the future by offering healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy finances. I am dedicated to connecting people to others and to things they need to improve quality of life. I am devoted to building lasting relationships that are rewarding for both myself and my clients. I desire to serve, guide and nurture my clients on a long term lifestyle change and health transformation so that they might be an example for others and lead others to also transform and create healthy habits.

I chose to work in this field after I saw firsthand how my husband's health and life improved when he went on our program. His doctor told him that if he didn't lose 30-40 pounds, he would have to go on cholesterol medication. This was an ah-ha moment for Robert and we began looking for a program to help. I turned to my trusted friend and personal trainer, Nicole DeWard and she introduced us to Take Shape for Life. He lost the weight quickly and easily and did not have to take any medication. This program has been a true gift to us and I decided that this gift needed to be shared with others.

So, at the age of 53, I began a new career and have the honor and pleasure of paying it forward. My own health has been optimized by the knowledge I have gained from being certified and learning from my amazing team of health coach mentors. I was introduced to a fantastic family of likeminded individuals, working as a team for Take Shape For Life/Optavia, on a mission to Get America Healthy! 

It is truly rewarding, gratifying and fun to be with SHINE. It proves that it is never too late to get optimally healthy and obtain true purpose and overall well being.

What People Are Saying About Joy...


Lower blood sugars. Less pain. More energy.

Since starting the Optavia health program it has been making so many changes in my life. Health issues have been amazing! My doctor has been having to lower my insulin every week because my blood sugars keep dropping. My energy level has been awesome! I have also had less pain in my joints so am not going to continue taking a medication that I have been on for several years. The whole program has meant so much to me, especially my health coach Joy. She has been there any time I have needed her. She is so knowledgeable and helpful and such a pleasure also to talk to. I feel sooo good. Thank you Optavia and Joy!

Lower blood sugars. Less pain. More energy. Very happy. And of course, weight loss continually every week.

When people notice the difference in me and ask what I am doing I tell them about the plan and the coaching you get and that I have a wonderful coach. That she can answer all your questions and is very concerned about what is going on with you. That she is great!

Sandie Renfroe

Joy is amazing!

I have a much better grasp on eating healthy instead of just eating whatever, whenever I want.

I have lost 28 lbs to date and feel and look so much better.

Joy is amazing and has been such a great help in getting me to my weight loss goals.

Brenda Korte


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